Discover the better version of YOU!

March 13th – 15th, 2020

Saaheli Connect 2020 is a uniquely curated weekend where women will discover the better version of themselves. The weekend is built around three pillars: Wellness, Personal Growth, and Leadership. You will be surrounded by successful Leaders, Entrepreneurs, educators who will work to inspire, motivate, and uplift you. Your mind will be activated through learning workshops and interactive sessions. Your body will feel rejuvenated through wellness activities such as Yoga, Krav Maga, running clinics, dancing, and meditation. Saaheli Connect is a safe space for you to come together with other women and discuss the everyday challenges women face. Get ready to awaken your soul and embark on a journey of self-discovery.  Attract your next career opportunity with our Elevate your Linkedin profile workshop. Learn how to tap into your inner deep genius through our groundbreaking Vision workshop. You will leave feeling more focused, energized and confident to achieve your goals for the future. By the end of the weekend, You will learn one new skill, Make one new friend, and try something new.

“Saaheli is a global community of women committed to educate, engage, and empower women to reach their true potential.”

Saaheli (saa-hay-lee) – “Girlfriend” 

Connect with women who share one goal: to empower and be empowered.

Imagine: a place where you can dance your heart out while stretching your soul at the same time? A place where you can learn self-defense and de-stress with yoga taught by a famous guitarist? A place where you will learn from TED speakers, CEOs, and prominent women leaders across all industries about growing personally and professionally while discovering your own vision.

That place is here, at Saaheli Connect 2020.